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The first step is to create a strong online web presence. This will get your visitors taking notice, and bring your business to a higher level than your competition. We make this process easy, so you can concentrate on your goals. We specialize in wordpress development and use a four stage process consisting of concept, design, technical and final phases. We have you covered if you need written content, graphic elements, logo design, keyword optimization… you name it. You deserve a responsive, secure, lead driven, sales focused site that will capture your audience and make a difference in your business.
We concentrate on captivating your audience in a few ways to get results. Clean, informative structure doesn’t waste your viewers time and lengthens the time spent on your site… more likely leading to a sale. Marketing solutions are available that will increase viewership of your optimized site. Search Engine Optimized keywords also help raise your ranking in Google, driving people to your business. Capture leads by collecting emails from viewers on your site so you can directly promote to your client base in future promotions. The goal is to captivate and capture your leads, and pre-sell your product or service. This paves the way to convert your web traffic into sales.

We ensure your business has the tools and services it needs to sell for you 24/7. Customization for your business includes a focus on converting your viewers into buyers. This is accomplished through many design aspects such as placement of call-to-action buttons, written content and placement of elements. Why not have an eCommerce site for selling directly? We can assist with marketing once your site is up and running. Reasonable monthly hosting/maintenance will guarantee it is up and running, kept updated, and delivered with speed. We love seeing the results when the full process works together to provide you with growth, expansion, prestige and sales.
Our focus is in customizing our process for your success. While there is a great amount of detail to each, below is a general list of the services we use to get results:
– Responsive Web Design
– eCommerce Stores
– Logo Design & Brand Identity
– Business Card Design, Letterhead
– Search Engine Optimization & Targeted Marketing
– Copy-writing & Editing
– Photography & Imaging, Video

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Our services are specialized toward small to medium sized business’. However, discussion of any opportunities are welcome, feel free to send us a message.

An online presence gives your business more credibility. Always working for you, customers can find your business any time. It is convenient for your customers, and easy for you to update company information and marketing material. It is your customer service working for you 24/7.

Price depends so much on depth of your solution and your requirements. It is similar to building you a car. What features are needed? What end result are you looking for?
Anything is possible, and we will work within your budget. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote!

We leave you to focus on your business and handle everything for you. After the collection of your information in the Concept Phase, the process goes through the Design, Technical Phases and a Final Polish Phase. We keep you updated as much as you would like, along the way.

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